Author: Nancy Ross

Get The Hair You Deserve

You know you want it and you’re sick of saving for it!

Day dreaming of that stunning, sun-kissed balayage but worried about the cost?  It’s time to Glow Up without a bank account blow up! 🎉

Introducing the TRiM Traditional Plan – the cutest, most wallet-friendly way to get those luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s how it works:

✨ 12 Small Payments: Spread the cost over 12 easy, breezy payments. No big up-front expense, so you can manage money monthly!

✨ Instant Transformation: Don’t wait to look fabulous. Get your balayage now and pay later. Your dream hair is just an appointment away!

✨ Professional Styling: Our expert stylists implement years of technical training with luxury brand vegan haircare to give you the perfect, natural-looking balayage that turns heads.

✨ Feel Fabulous: Boost your confidence and flaunt your new look without financial stress. Because you deserve to feel amazing every day!

Don’t let summer slip by without having the fabulous hair you deserve! Your dream balayage is within reach!